Classic Upcoming Movie Steampunk Lincoln Abraham Lincoln Is Coming Back

Steampunk is a concept that has created a great sputter among the people of the recent times. This concept presents the modified version of the Victorian Era. A lot of science fiction literature was written in that era, which provided us an alternative sight for the history. In this concept, future events have been set in the scenario of Victorian Era. This concept was termed as ‘steampunk’. Punk culture believes in the extreme capability of science and technology.

A number of writers, artists and film producers got inspired from this concept. Some time ago, a famous steampunk drawing came in the limelight, in which Abraham Lincoln was portrayed in the punk style. Taking inspiration from that portrait, Covert Creations is going to make a debut feature film, ‘steampunk Lincoln’.

The movie is set in the scenario of alternate history, according to which Confederates won the American Civil War, and Lincoln is shot in a manhunt. Besides, he is dumped in a mass grave near Springfield. The body was recovered by few escaped slaves after a few hours under the cover of a night. The body is encased in the ice before the decay of brain.

The story fast forwarded to 2012, when Confederate States of America conquered the places like Northern Mexico and British Columbia. Because of the advancement influenced by the Victorian period, CSA and large part of Europe have developed punk technology and architecture. Amazingly, Abraham Lincoln was kept in British experimental cryogenic chamber from the year 1914. He was housed in an abandoned neighborhood in Champaign. The decedents of the escaped slaves were living in hiding, and now they are constantly trying to keep the Lincoln in perfect condition until his time comes to rise again.

Lincoln is implanted with many cybernetic enhancements by the fugitive slaves, so that he could adapt to his situation. Suddenly he is awakened from stasis, and is briefed on the situation in North America. Lincoln is sent to ignite slave rebellion and to lead the Army towards Washington. If the line of succession is eliminated, then Lincoln and his army are capable to push through the white house and bring the democracy back in America. This is the plot Steampunk Lincoln that is once again going to present alternative sight for history

This alternative view for history has started a new subculture in Europe, America and Australia. Its influence can also be witnessed on the lifestyles of the people of today. The punk dresses are the best examples in this regard, and these outfits have become the fashion-statement in the present scenario. The costumes inspired by the punk movies and literature, have created a new enthusiasm towards the fashion lovers. A number of parties and themed events are organized, where you can witness people wearing these dresses

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