• Will 3d Films Last The Course … Or Run Out Of Steam?

    15 to 20 years ago the technology to produce and consequently bring to life high quality 3D films was not available. Over the decades 3D films achieved some success but arguably it was limited. However like most modern technology 3D has evolved … and this time it?s here to stay. We believe 2010 will always be remembered as the year when 3D films became a serious contender within the film industry. So why do we think 3D will be with us for a while and consequently not a minor blip … well let?s look at the evidence. A) Key film directors have used (James Cameron/ Tim Burton/ Louis Leterrier) or are planning on using (Nick Park / Quentin Tarantino) 3D technology in their films. These big players have big reputations and would not want them tainted by a nonchalant decision. B) The leading technology manufacturers are all investing serious cash into the industry helping to make 3D films more accessible to all. From launching 3D TV?s and projectors to improving the quality of glasses everyone is getting in on the action … with the hope of reaping the financial rewards. C) Traditional cinemas have all begun to install 3D technology. […]

  • Program Guide Facilitates The Users With Advanced Options of TV

    Of all the entertainment outlets, TV is counted amongst the most popular ones. The black and white screens have been replaced with crystal clear HD sets with convenient remote controlling. Television, as an entertainment source, is widely popular in every corner of the world among all age groups.

    The Internet offers an option of tv listings that provide us information about all the available multiple broadcasting channels in the globe. Accessing television online enables the viewer to get an access to any preferred show, with an alternative of watching it now or at a later date.

    The prominence of television programs is rising day by day with the new exciting shows and movie. The media network providers furnish online guiding services on the TV. In order to overcome the problems and complications related to managing the satellite channels and show timings, online program guide and channel listings are an excellent option.

    This service proves advantageous to a large extent as it provides comprehensive information of television shows and their timings together with the repeat broadcast timings. The schedule timings for the different TV shows are showed in a booklet format. The online guide provides the entire information of the satellite television world. This online guide acts as an information provider that updates the latest news about the TV programs that are going to be on air soon.

    The TV listings are the most appealing option for people, who are crazy about TV shows. In listing options, we will be guided to get the complete listings of the program of any channel in the chart form in order to find out the timings of your favourite TV shows. It helps us in getting complete program information like repeat telecast of the shows and the duration of each show.

    Along with all the above mentioned features, TV program guide facilitates viewer to set reminders on their mobile or even on the set top boxes for their must awaited and favourite television shows. In order to avail this facility, users have to either register their mobile numbers to some media network provider or have to set an alarm for their show in the set top box only. Hence, viewers will never miss their favourite TV shows.