Shahnaab Alam The Producer of Motherhood in 2009

Born on 28th November 1971, Shahnaab Alam is widely known as an eminent personality all across the country. Guwahati, Assam is the place where Alam spent his childhood. Who knew, with time this little boy would grow up as a renowned film producer in Indian Cinemas? Until he came into the limelight, we were all uninformed about his versatile qualities in the field of Indian media. He initially started his career as a journalist then gradually he made a lot of victorious projects in different fields. One such accomplishment is making and producing ‘Motherhood’ in the year 2009.

No wonder, the Indian film industry owes a lot to Mr. Alam. He has been working as an executive producer in several music videos, films, and events. To name some, the most appreciated and renowned ones are ‘Dhoom’, ‘Socha Na Tha’, ‘Ghoom Taana’ and so on. Both Soch Na Tha and Dhoom happens to be the Bollywood movies where he worked as an executive producer and later earned one of the best titles for his splendid work. Ghoom Taana was his musical film production that left a distinctive mark in every music lover’s heart. All these were just the beginning and a man of caliber like him deserved much more than what he did. He continued producing more music videos and then decided to work on a serious film named ‘Motherhood’.

This film happened to be one of the notable works in Shahnaab Alam’s career as a producer. Made in 2009, it is actually a debut film of the director Avik Mukhopadhyay. Alam, enjoyed working with Mr. Avik because he had a great experience in the field of cinematography. Mukhopadhyay’s mind-blowing camera works in prominent films like Soch Na Tha, Bunty Aur Bubbly, Patalghar, Chhokher Bali, etc., have really made the Indian film industry gain a lot more things. His stupendous work led him to win two national awards and also helped him to support his reliability in this ground. Mr. Alam also deserves a big ‘thank you’ for inspiring Avik Mukhopadhay in all possible ways.

When it comes to the Alam’s production, ‘Motherhood’ is assumed to be quite unusual from what we generally glimpse in the Bollywood films. It happens to be a documentary, which deals with particularly three diverse geographical Indian locations. As the theme is based on different locations, the movie revolved round mountains, tropical forests and deserts. You will also get to see a wide array of charismatic scenery and beauty that the country possesses. The film is made in the view to redirect the attention of Bollywood towards Assam. As, it is the birth place of Shahnaab Alam, he loved displaying the picture of Assam in this film.

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