Will 3d Films Last The Course … Or Run Out Of Steam?

15 to 20 years ago the technology to produce and consequently bring to life high quality 3D films was not available. Over the decades 3D films achieved some success but arguably it was limited. However like most modern technology 3D has evolved … and this time it?s here to stay. We believe 2010 will always be remembered as the year when 3D films became a serious contender within the film industry. So why do we think 3D will be with us for a while and consequently not a minor blip … well let?s look at the evidence.

A) Key film directors have used (James Cameron/ Tim Burton/ Louis Leterrier) or are planning on using (Nick Park / Quentin Tarantino) 3D technology in their films. These big players have big reputations and would not want them tainted by a nonchalant decision.

B) The leading technology manufacturers are all investing serious cash into the industry helping to make 3D films more accessible to all. From launching 3D TV?s and projectors to improving the quality of glasses everyone is getting in on the action … with the hope of reaping the financial rewards.

C) Traditional cinemas have all begun to install 3D technology. This is not small scale but country-wide. Converting a cinema is not a cheap affair so someone behind the scenes is doing the maths i.e. they know that 3D will be around for a while.

D) SKY are just about to launch a 3D specific channel which undoubtedly will include 3D films. Again another significant sign that 3D is here to stay.

Finally E) We?ve already seen two mammoth 3D launches this year that have consequently pulled in huge profits. James Cameron?s oscar winning Avatar will always be seen as the benchmark of 3D films and although Alice in Wonderland has not had the same quality reviews Tim Burton manages to pull off a decent rendition of the Lewis Carroll classic.

It?s been said that twenty out of one hundred and seventy blockbusters this year will be filmed in 3D ? a huge increase on 2009. Tron, Toy Story, Clash of the Titans, Hubble, Despicable me, Arabia, Harry Potter, Train your dragon, Megamind are just a few films that spring to mind. We can pretty much vouch that 3D films in 2011 will be just as prevalent. So is 3D here to stay and will it set up shop within our domestic abodes? Our answer is simply YES.

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